About Us

Chitown brings over 50 years experience and skilled supervision to your unique situation

Chitown Office Personnel

Bob McCoy

Founder and Owner

Bob has 30 years experience working with persons needing home care. Since 7th grade, Bob interacted with children and adults having an array of medical conditions in a clinical laboratory run by his father, a professor in the special education field. Bob is a graduate of the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and Harvard Law School. As a licensed attorney in Chicago, Bob represented seniors and other persons with medical conditions and their families for more than 25 years.

Jeff Nagamine

Vice President

As a native of the Chicagoland area with over a decade of experience in the home health field, Jeff serves as the company’s Vice President. Jeff has been at the forefront for all client needs, from inception of referrals up until a client is cleared for discharge.

Yvonne Contiga RN

Director of Nursing

Nursing is not a career but a passion for Yvonne. She is a dedicated Registered Nurse with 23 years in Health Care focused in providing quality care and maintaining direct lines of communication with the entire health care team. Yvonne has been a Director of Nursing for the past 4 years in a home health care setting. Yvonne completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at University of Saint La Salle, Philippines.

Rima Sweiss

Office System Support

Rima Sweiss, a lifetime Chicagoan, has blended her medical billing field and computer tech aspects throughout her career.  She works with businesses and organizations offering them personalized solutions for their needs.  In her spare time, she has been recognized for supporting and empowering nonprofit organizations; whether lending a hand or sitting on boards and committee.

Kimberly Mangram RN

Start of Care RN

Kimberly has an RN with has over 20 years of experience in health care and more than 10 years in home health. Kimberly’s expertise is preparing home health plans for care.

Chitown Home Health and Chitown Home Care are registered names under which Home Care Technologies Ltd does business in the State of Illinois.

Our Mission + Values

Chitown Home Health and Home Care delivers services to all communities in the Chicago area with respect for diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Emotional
and mental aspects of client health are vital to speedy recovery, lifestyle quality and prolonging life.