The Decision Process – Selecting Caregiver


Step 1

Take Responsibility

Is a Caregiver outside the family needed part time or full time.


Step 2

Who Will Decide

The entire family or selected members


Step 3

Available Funds

Which family members will contribute insurance coverage, if any.


Step 4

Services Needed

What is the skill set of services required


Step 5

Independent Assessment

Get an evaluation by an experienced home care provider   


Step 6

Selecting a Caregiver

Who will provide the services and the emotional or spiritual balance vital to care

Fill Out Caregiver Selection Questionnaire

We recommend you complete and submit Chitown home care’s optional Questionnaire to help select a personal care provider(caregiver)  who matches your needs or those of a family member, or you may contact us without submitting the form.

Emotional Well Being

The foundation of health is emotional and spiritual well being of a person needing care and family members. Chitown Home Care strives to meet this need in caregiver selection and interaction. Chitown’s focus on ethnic and cultural matching is designed to:

  • Connect to the family and community of the person needing care
  • Provide emotional and spiritual sensitivity
  • Speed recovery
  • Prolong life
  • Improve the quality of life

Bob McCoy

Founder and Owner

My lifetime of experiences with persons needing home care teaches the value of emotional well being to health. Keeping is a critical part. No substitute exists for keeping up the spirits of persons with special needs due to short or long term physical or mental conditions. My father ran a clinical laboratory for special needs children when I began sixth grade. As a lawyer and in other settings, I worked daily with persons needing care and their families, medical providers, and caregivers were a part of my daily world. This section of Chitown’s website shares the lives of persons needing assistance to provide an understanding how trained home care personnel make those lives active and gratifying. The names and certain details are changed to protect their identities.

Founders Corner

Kathleen’s Golden Years

Kathleen was a content grandmother, wrapping up her career as a manager of a large catering service. Her husband Fred of 30 years was a successful insurance broker. They had accumulated a large savings. She and Fred invested in and moved into a retirement...

Carlos – Happy in his own world

Maria and Juan anxiously awaited the birth of their third child. Carlos was not like others. From birth he could not control his limb movements and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite the physical disabilities, his mind functioned fairly well. He...

Parkinsonian Bill

Bill was 35 years old and led an active life in sports. He was in great physical shape, loved to play soccer, and watch stock car racing. He even hung out at the track with some of the drivers. In the past he served active military duty in the Middle East...

John the Plumber

John was an energetic plumber who never missed a day of work.  Loved his family and job.  Always took care of what his wife Tricia needed for home maintenance projects.  John turned 56 and started feeling more and more tired.  One day he was too weak to...

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